The strength of a cohesive Group

novALmec is the the joint venture between Novellini Industries and Metal Exchange Corporation (MEC), founded in spring 2019. MEC, a U.S. company based in St. Louis (Missouri), has been active for over forty five years in the trading of aluminium scrap and in the production and distribution of secondary aluminium extrusion billets. Novellini on its part, a leading brand in the manufacturing of aluminium shower units, bathroom design components and wellness products where quality is mandatory, brought to the joint venture its technologically advanced casthouse with an original capacity of 22’000 tons in the meantime expanded and upgraded to 33’000 tons per year of secondary aluminium billets together with its upstream scrap processing plant.


Marco Novellini, Chairman of the board with Friedhelm Grobler, Business Director

“Since my father and mother founded Novellini in 1966, quality is the basis of our production mentality and philosophy. Our casthouse was installed 17 years ago, it was a period when the level of technology was on the rise and we remained true to this philosophy” The first new milestone of novALmec was the expansion of the casthouse capacity to 33’000 tons per year and major investments in quality aspects of our billets. Obviously, investments in equipment are important, but our people are crucial. The experience of our operators throughout the whole process is above all a fundamental asset.

New alloys

The second new milestone of novALmec will be the development of new alloy specifications together with our customers. The overall imprint of our production activity is sustainability. And that is not just a buzzword. One of our strategic focus areas is to enable our resources and technical know-how to ensure respect for our environment and commitment to sustainability. plays a decisive role in the circular economy and aluminium value chain by using aluminium scrap (recycling) as the raw material for the production of new aluminium products as our logo promises” . (Friedhelm Grobler Business Director MEC Metal Exchange International GmbH. Perhaps picture)


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New investments

in quality and environmental standards

New holding furnace to improve metal quality expecially cleanliness and flexibility in alloy change.

New capabilities

Quality Certification and Control

Billets production is strictly made according controls plans certified ISO 9001:2015 that guarantee the respect and the record of all the critical process parameters.

Typical Production Specifications Chemicals Composition

Alloys will be taylored according EN Norms and Customers needs. Others Customers Alloys request can be evaluated based on Production capabilities.